7 di marzo 2024MARDI GRAS 1993

Update #4 / Message from Spaceman Project

Aggiornamenti sul progetto: MARDI GRAS 1993


From Spaceman Project we contact you to inform you about the status of this project.

Julia Madrigal's deadline estimate was planned for after last summer, as indicated in her last communication, a deadline that she has not been able to meet due to different personal and professional reasons. After reviewing with her the current status of the project (texts at 100%, inks at 60% and color at 30%) and evaluating its feasibility, we have decided to extend her deadline until July of this year to receive all the pages of the project, otherwise and with great regret, MARDI GRAS 1993 will be cancelled.

We truly believe that the quality of Julia's work and the work itself deserves a last chance to become a reality so that we can all enjoy this work.

We greatly regret the inconvenience and inconvenience that the delay in creation may cause you. We greatly appreciate your patience, support and understanding.

We will keep you informed!