28 juillet 2022GOLDEN BROWN


Actualisation du projet GOLDEN BROWN


"Dear backers,

I update the status of Golden Brown to tell you that the Storyboard was COMPLETED already and I'm currently in the middle of the "polishing" process as I call it, that is making a clean copy to make it legible and understandable for the editor ( so he can correct it) and to my beta reader, who is really eager.

This process, although it seems simple, is taking me a lot of time, but I am working on it and there is very little left for the editor to have and read it.

As it could be expected (it usually happens to me) the release is being delayed a bit.
One STRONG REASON is because it will be a book of 300 PAGES instead of 250 as planned. So it's a necessary delay because 50 pages more is not a small thing... The story needed them.

Surely the wait will be worth it, I'm giving everything of myself to make it so.

We will keep you updated (the next one, in September).
I wish you happy holidays (if you have holidays...) and, above all, happy next month and a half with nice weather and tranquility.

See you very soon and thanks for your patience and support!"


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