20 juin 2023GOLDEN BROWN


Actualisation du projet GOLDEN BROWN


"Dear backers,

New update! I'm still working on the final LINEART.  

This time I wanted to share the different steps of the process:

- Storyboards (raw, sketchy and thumbnail size)

- Storyboards (clean, the one I sent to the editor)

- Definitive clean lineart

As you (vaguely) can guess in the definitive lineart, only the figures are drawn. Backgrounds,  certain objects or even more complex images (perspectives etc) are behind in pink colour, they  will be drawn in the next phase. My work process is this: first I draw “the easy thing” so I don’t  burn myself too much and can work fluently. Next step will be the colouring.  

I am working at a slower pace than I would like (as usually happens to me) but I am very  satisfied with the result.

As you may have already guessed, the delivery will be late and I apologize myself for this; the  work is constant and fluent, but it’s also extremely laborious.

I'm sure the result will be worth the waiting.

Thanks again for your patience and great support.

Vanessa Trueba