1 mars 2024GOLDEN BROWN

[Author Update #7] I'M STILL MOVING FORWARD!

Actualisation du projet GOLDEN BROWN


"Dear backers,

Here I am to make an update about Golden Brown.

I'm still working on the lineart, slowly but surely and I’m really satisfied with the result.

There is a little more than half of the lineart left to do and, after readjusting the schedule with Spaceman Project, the next moves are these:

- In January 2025 all the finished work will go printing.

- And shortly after, it will be packed and sent to you.

During the months between today and January 2025 the publisher and I will be working simultaneously.

Once the finished lineart is sent, the editor will be working on the layout and all the edition, and I'll be colorizing the pages at the same time. This way the progress will go faster.

It's a very laborious work and, I'm sure you've noticed that my pace is slow even though I am 200% dedicated. Now it's a matter of giving 500% of me during the upcoming months, to have it all finished on time. And I'm on it.

I leave you here a very oneiric and igneous fragment from page 82, the lineart.

Thank you, as always, for your big, big patience. We are getting closer to it.

Vanessa Trueba