Actualisation du projet [Projet annulé] AVANT QUE POUSSIÈRE NE RETOMBE (1 de 2)


From Spaceman Project we inform that this project will be cancelled. The reasons are the prolonged delay on the part of the creation and the incompatibility of the artist's agenda to be able to handle his part of creation and deliver the work.
During this month we will have a meeting with Pedro Rodríguez to define a plan for the payment of the amounts received for the work he has done to date. From there we will be able to organize our plan to start the whole refund process and contact all the sponsors again. The process of payment will be progressive and by tranches because the reimbursement of the contributions will have to be done one by one manually, after requesting the bank details by e-mail, and this action will require time. We deeply regret the inconvenience that this situation may have caused to the backers.
We greatly appreciate your patience, support and understanding.
NOTE: This message has been sent by mail to all backers.