Actualisation du projet SORUNNE II (Final chapter)


Dear backers:

We are still working on the story of Sorunne II. We are defining dialogues, ordering scenes and sketching the storyboard. As we already mentioned before, this sequel will have more of a thriller scheme and it will be a little less cryptic than the first part, but it will still be full of symbolism and second readings. We want that mythological part to also be a challenge for the readers, who will feel that they are digging up secrets of forgotten mythology.

Our intention is to publish the book in 2024. We had promised to have it ready in the first quarter of that year, but it may be delayed for a few months, possibly until summer or fall. As compensation for this delay, we have good news: the comic will have at least 32 more pages than expected.

For my part, I am very, very excited about how it is turning out. On an artistic level, I feel that learning from the first part will give extra value to these new pages. We greatly appreciate your support and patience. We will give everything to make your wait worth it.

I am showing you the sketch of a page. Does the object that Konsoh gives to No'One look familiar to you?

Guille Rancel