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Espagnol, Anglais et Français.

Todo o nada

Young Yugen is a happy-go-lucky kid with his head permanently stuck in the clouds. What he wishes for most in life is to find his mother, who abandoned him just after he was born and became a bloodthirsty mercenary. Yugen wants to make up for lost time and convince her to come back with him to his hometown, help him rescue his imprisoned father, and exterminate the cruel dictator and the army of assassins who keep all the population under her thumb. It's not too much to ask, is it?

A propos du projet

Yugen and his loyal friend Bocas ran away from Malvia, the city they grew up in. Malvia has suffered a military coup and is now being ruled by the self-proclaimed president Forba. The repression is brutal and the opposition has been annihilated, with all the leaders imprisoned or killed. One of those prisoners is Kiliam, Yugen's father, who managed to smuggle his son out of the city before he was arrested, to prevent him from suffering his same fate.

In exile, Yugen thinks it's the perfect moment to look for the mother he never got to meet. The only thing his father told him about her is her name, Loris de Alix, and occupation, a legendary warrior who sells her services to the highest bidder. Yugen believes that if his mother is still alive, he will be able to convince her to come back to Malvia, free his father, and organize the Resistance army to overthrow Forba once and for all. 

The story starts just when Yugen finds his mother. Loris doesn't feel any kind of attachment to the son she abandoned after birth. She loves her nomadic mercenary lifestyle, with no strings attached, enjoying life to the fullest, because for a warrior, each day can be the last. Finally, Yugen manages to mislead his mother promising her a huge sum of money (that he definitely doesn't have) to hire her services. The rest of the protagonists have their own motives to travel back to Malvia, though very few of them are being honest about their true intentions...

Join this fantasy comic full of adventures and humor for all audiences!




We know the kind of effort it takes to do a good job, and both the author and Spaceman Project are prepared. We love this medium and we want to take it to another level where the readers, authors, and the booksellers are the protagonists. It is because of that that we have taken the small details into account and adjusted the fundraising goal for what we’re offering.

This is an all or nothing campaign model. In order for the project to become a reality we need to reach 100% of the goal. The length of the campaign will last 30 days but can be extended by 7 more days if the project reaches 75% of its goal before the end of the month.  As the publisher, Spaceman Project, can make contributions to the campaign to boost or complete the goal at its own discretion. As is customary, an announcement will be made public if this happens.


Author / Cost to create

Platform / Creation, management and Crowdfunding collection management.

Publishing / Editorial advisory, quality control, translations, graphic design, pre-production, printing, delivery of rewards to backers and bookstore distribution.


Author / 15 months after the end of the campaign. *

Editing / 3 months of editing after the author’s final delivery.

Printing / 5 to 10 weeks for printing.

Deliveries / it will take between 2 and 6 weeks after the books have been received to be sent to the backers.

*Spaceman Project is not responsible for delays in the creation as this is the author’s commitment to the backers. In the case that the work is not finished, the author is directly responsible for refunding the backers. 

All illustrations presented in this campaign are provisional and are subject to change once the goal has been reached, and work on the project commences. This is only applicable to the cover images for the most part, not to the story, the format of the work, nor the rewards being offered. Obviously, we are presenting a work that is in progress and under development. Creativity has no limits and we are confident that we will not stop improving, and as such, we have made a commitment to quality with our readers.

While the project is being created, the authors are responsible for issuing updates and keeping the backers informed. Once the materials have been delivered to Spaceman, the publisher will be in charge of informing the backers about each of the next steps (Editing/ Production/ Warehouse arrival/ shipment of packages).