7 di settembre 2020BRIGADA 3 (ULTIMO VOLUME)

Update #8

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With huge excitement, we communicate that Enrique Fernández's new comic is now ready to print. Next week we will be sending our partnering printing house the 8 comics (4 of the AME edition and 4 with the omnibus published by Spaceman project) and the freebies for the backers. They will start producing the books in the last week of September, as the production rhythm and the number of personnel have been affected by the COVID-19. They have confirmed the books will be ready between October and the first weeks of November tops. As soon as we receive the copies in our warehouse we will start packaging and they will be sent in batches.
If you have to update the delivery information or the sponsor name that will appear in the book, you can do so in your user area by entering the reward and following this route:
Enter the User Area / Select reward / See the details of this contribution / Shipping address or Name for credits / Edit
IMPORTANT! If there is any missing data (name or address) the parcels will not be sent until the information is updated. You will have to pay the delivery charge if we get a parcel returned due to the contact details being provided wrong, or not being updated. To avoid this situation, please check your details following the provided link. Thank you!
NOTE: This message was sent by mail to all the backers.