Update #6

Actualisation du projet CREPANQUINE (Intégrale & Volume 2)


Hello guys!

We are Caro Waro and Garbunka, authors of the comic Crepanquine. We would like to give you a brief update to inform you about the state of the project. As of today, we just reached the milestone of having half of Crepanquine pages inked and we have just started making color tests. Here we attach a full page for you. We hope this placid scene will bring you peace and tranquillity. We are happy with the result and we hope you like it.

We are sorry that the production of the comic has been delayed and we greatly appreciate your patience. We are working steadily on Crepanquine and we can’t wait to finally have a shiny printed copy. We will make your wait worthwhile.

NOTE: This message has been mailed to all backers.