Update #8

Actualisation du projet CREPANQUINE (Intégrale & Volume 2)


"Hi guys, we have good news!

We are Caro Waro and Garbunka, authors of the Crepanquine comic. We wanted to give you this brief update to let you know that we have added artist Divera to our team to help us color the pages of Crepanquine so to speed up the production process.

This help has alleviated much of our workload. We can finally focus on drawing the gouache backgrounds, the dark, mysterious and vegetation-laden environments that characterize the world of Crepanquine. The creation of these backgrounds is the last step before the final layout of our pages.

Again, we would like to apologize for the delay in delivery. We are full of energy and ready to deliver a work where we have poured all our creativity and effort.

See you soon!"

Caro Waro & Garbunka