Par Antonio Sachs et Zappeboy

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Espagnol et Anglais.

April-June 2022

Todo o nada


Enjoying the weekend like there's no tomorrow and trafficking hard drugs to finance the university studies that their middle-class families couldn't provide for has stopped being enough for Rachella and Jina. Up till now, both homegirls were content with hanging out in the chic-est and most exquisitely sordid night clubs of the city. But it's over now. The life of a sucker is not cool anymore. Rachella and Jina yearn for much more. The sudden appearance of a strange orphan girl that has suffered through child abuse will be the perfect trigger for them to do something good with their lives at last, and while they are at it, turn the tables on the catalog of evil that guides their criminal careers. 

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After planning their first murder in the light of some lines of cocaine, Rachella and Jina eliminate Set, their provider and main competitor, and gain control over the drug market of a couple of nightclubs. 
Rachella, the gunslinger, doesn't hesitate to pass on her murderous excitement to her bestie, so much so that Jina can't wait to debut as an executioner, and together they choose a new objective that same night. 
The fortunate victims will be Lula, the owner of a suburbia sex-shop, and her boyfriend Lolo, a known dealer who Rachella and Jina plan to mug.
The home invasion of the couple's apartment has, as a result, (other than the subtraction of 4 kg of pure cocaine, thousands of euros, several weapons, and two corpses) the discovery of a strange girl of around 12 years of age locked up in a giant birdcage hidden inside one of the rooms. Oddly enough, the cage is surrounded by mirrors that do not reflect the girl's image at all.
To cap it all, while Rachella and Jina are distracted with some shit, the strange girl starts licking the leg of Lula's corpse and proceeds to devour it nonchalantly. In the beginning, they are pretty scared and guarded after the fact, but after realizing that the girl is not only not interested in them culinarily speaking, but, for some strange reason she kind of finds them agreeable, they soon warm to her and decide to call her Gea, as she won't speak a single word.
Rachella and Jina conclude, in a Shakespearian manner, that destiny has sent them a challenge by intertwining their paths with Gea's, and, of course, they would never fucking turn down such a storyline.
In order to resolve the mysterious origin of the strange girl, Rachella and Jina will count with the help of their mates and contacts inside and out the campus where they study Literature and Anthropology respectively. 
This is the kickstart of a series of adventures and misadventures in which elements like a rigged Rubick cube with a  final surprise, a potent designer drug whose effects last forty-eight days with  their sleepless nights, the stolen member card of a secret clandestine video club, a neo-hippy family that believes in platonic love and practices sadomasochism, a dangerous brotherhood of students that control in secret the daily life of the campus, the mummified corpse of a porn star that is an object of veneration, the lost file on a forbidden religion, and the unexpected appearance of an old classmate from the same chavy high school in which Rachella and Jina spent their teenage years, all together weave at the same time a loutish thriller and a peculiar caricature of western culture: urban animals, with their virtues and obsessions, routines and addictions, on a backdrop of the omnipresent depersonalization of human relations, disinformation a la carte, absent ecology, consecration of consumption and delinquency, and material possessions as the only accessible mean to reach fucking happiness.  

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We know the kind of effort it takes to do a good job, and both the author and Spaceman Project are prepared. We love this medium and we want to take it to another level where the readers, authors, and the booksellers are the protagonists. It is because of that that we have taken the small details into account and adjusted the fundraising goal for what we’re offering.

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