We love comic books

Our passion for the ninth art made us build from scratch a crowdfunding platform specially aimed for the comic sector.

As a publishing house, we have direct contact with authors and we know that publishing comics is increasingly more difficult. That’s why we have decided to put in practice an editorial tool to support each step that goes from the drawing table to the printed comic. By teaming up authors and readers we bring creation to a new level.

To make it happen, we are getting rid of the barriers you face against traditional publishers (funding), or those problems that general crowdfunding platforms don’t solve (editing, translation, production and distribution).

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Our team

Our ranks are formed by a team of professional editors, authors, critics, designers and web programmers, guaranteeing a high quality personalised service for each step of the production.

Nos gusta internet, el márqueting digital, el diseño, las bicicletas, los museos y los animales. Pero por encima de todo somos unos grades amantes de los cómics. 

You can send us a message anytime you want. We'll be delighted to read you.


You can also contribute in the production of a comic

This project would make no sense without your contribution. There is several ways you can cooperate to make a comic see the light of day. Mainly three:

  • Back a project. This is the most direct way to support the authors.

  • Share the project. If you are not ready to contribute, you can always cooperate by spreading the project in social media.

  • Express your opinion about a project or make a question in the comment area.


We love to share

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