Actualización del proyecto: Nima


Spaceman Project 6th December 2017

We have the great pride to confirm that the NIMA comic book has come to life and looks great.

We’ve endured three extra weeks of fabrication process due to the complex and difficult production of 18 individual products and over 10,000 copies printed, and because the printing process took longer than what was first confirmed to us. We are very sorry that we weren’t able to send you the copies between November 15th and 18th as was originally planned. Unfortunately we can’t always have an exact estimate of production time and we need to face any glitches that may push back deadlines and try to solve them as best as possible.

As you can see in the pictures, the comic book have come to completion. We estimate that the rest of the products (Artbook, Omokoi bonus, laminated bonus, postcards and poster) will be delivered on Tuesday, December 12th, and not sooner because December 6th and 8th are national holidays in Spain, If we receive everything in due time, we will start sending the 1,500 packages to our sponsors from December 14th.

We hope you’ll find that the long wait will be worth it and that you will be able to appreciate the work that took us 20 months to produce NIMA, with the author and publication process.

We take full responsibility for misinformation regarding the current state of Spaceman Project and we acknowledge that the communication hasn’t always been straightforward. For the past two months, we’ve been working on a more efficient system to keep our sponsors informed from the platform, especially regarding the meaning of publication process and delivery deadlines, so that the author will be able to keep the sponsors updated throughout the creation process about the evolution of the work or any delays that could come about. We are a team of human beings, we learn from our mistakes and know that we can do better as we learn more about our editorial model. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of the sponsors who trust us and deliver better service every time.

Last but not least, you still have until December 13th (We will delivery your package to the address inserted on that day) to update your name and delivery address with the following path:
Enter in My account / Select rewards / See the details of this contribution  / Shipping Address / Edit

We will let you know as soon as we will send out the packages. Remember that the copies won’t be on sale in bookstores until all sponsors receive their package, we keep this compromise with all those who have made NIMA a reality and will let them be the first to enjoy this wonderful piece of art.

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Actualización del proyecto: YAGA


Spaceman Project 23rd November 2017

All of the backers that support this project will get a free and exclusive 8 page comic booklet if it reaches it's goal.

"Vera Cava" tells a poetic short story of Baba Yaga.

Are you going to miss out?

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Actualización del proyecto: Nima


Spaceman Project 27th October 2017

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We are writing to you to thank you for sponsoring NIMA as well as to apologize for the extra time it’s taking us to complete the production and to explain the reasons behind this postponement in greater detail.
The project was successfully completed on March 15th 2016, 18 months ago. Once the material was handed in by Enrique we spent months working on the comic book, for a final result of 18 books edited in various languages and formats.
Please find a detailed roadmap with the product
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Actualización del proyecto: Nothin' Personal

NOTHIN' PERSONAL / Message from Andre

Andre 24th October 2017

"My dearest backers,
Yes, Im alive! 
No, Im not great. 
Yes, the comic is going on and there is very few pages left!
No, Im not sure when I'll finish, but it will be as soon as I can. 
Due to a long sickness and a bucket of unexpected personal problems I'm late for the deadline. 
Thank you so much for all the emails and messages asking about the comic and showing me your support. It has been awesome.
I'm finishing the comic with all my love and I promise I'll deliver as soon as I can. 
You guys are th

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Actualización del proyecto: GIRL AND WOLF


Spaceman Project 23rd October 2017

The author and the publishing revised all the book the 20th of October, and now Roc is making the last adjustments. We are expecting the materials in a week to start translation and design. 

This project has suffered a delay in the creative part, and the translation/design of it's 300 pages will require a bit more time than expected, so we we need to postpone the release date to February/March 2018 approximately.

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