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By Jorge García and Gustavo Rico

Audun es un viejo vikingo manco, demacrado y andrajoso que ha conseguido una audiencia con el rey Harald. Audun afirma que ambos se conocieron hace siete años, pero el monarca no reconoce a su interlocutor.

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By Roc Espinet

The easy and innocent life of Paula will be truncated by the bloody irruption of the wolves in her town. For her, it's just the beginning... Her dark childhood traumas come back ferociously and she find herself be surrounded by soulless hunters, wild spirits, and a breed of wolves older than men. Forbidden love will reveal it's secret instincts. Will Paula be ready for her destiny?

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By Danide and Jordi Pastor
"I want to fly, I want to be a hero. My name is Dott Spot and I to be able to do those things I must first capture the woman I'm in love with, the thief called Iman."
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By Fabio Visintin

Adaptation of Homer's epic greek poem The Odyssey. Fabio Visintin captures exquisitely his personal vision about this work.

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Nothin' Personal

By Andre and Josep Busquet
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The S.A.D is more than a group of mercenaries. It’s a little family of dangerous soldiers seasoned in hundreds of raids and battles. Their motto is never taking any job in a personal way. In combat, everyone wants the S.A.D on their end, no one wants to confront them.

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By Enrique Fernández

Nima is already an adult nymph and the time has come for her to put in practice everything they have taught her: to seduce a human to perpetuate her species and killing it afterwards.


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The Huszàr and the Witch

By The Black Frog

The Huszàr And The Witch is a dark and twisted tale of dirty magic, flaming love and ice cold betrayal.

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By Diego Olmos

Free adaptation of Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau homonymous film. Diego Olmos transports us to a different era to see closely and behind the shadows this incredible story about the cult movie.