Our mission

Spaceman Project is a crowdfunding platform specialised in the comic book world. We add the crowdfunding tool to our publishing house, transforming them into a mechanism for the production, funding, editing and distribution of comics.

With Spaceman Project the authors can concentrate in creating, and readers can enjoy high quality books and exclusive products, while we take care of the edition, distribution and logistics. Our objective is to create a direct link between readers, authors and booksellers.

How it works

  1. Discover the new comic projects we present each month.
  2. Contribute by choosing one or more of the rewards we offer.
  3. Select the language of your comic. All the books will be available in 3 or more languages.
  4. Follow the progress of the campaign through the actualisations that the author publishes in our site.
  5. Receive your rewards at home with all the guarantees, once the goal is reached and the book has been created.

Frequently asked questions

For the Sponsors

Comics are our passion and our job.

Here you will find projects created by great international authors, but you will also discover new talents. You’ll be able to purchase exclusive rewards adapted to each different artist and type of comic. You will have direct contact with the authors during the production of the comic and with us when you need to solve any questions.
 Our commitment and implication with authors and readers is absolute.

We are very sure about why we built Spaceman Project: To produce the best comics.

For the Authors

Get the funding for your next comic

As comic editors we know well it’s not always easy to get your comic published. Also, the requirements imposed by traditional publishing systems don’t make it easy either.

That’s why we decided to use the crowdfunding model combined with a new publishing system to give the artists a more modern approach to be able to create they books.

In Spaceman Project you have fast access to the funding for the production and also editing, printing and distributing support.

We take care of the promotion, collection, edition, translation, printing and distribution.

In the time between when a project succeeds to get funded and developed, to when the book rests in the shelves of a bookshop, there is a great amount of work that has nothing to do with the the creation.

Traditional crowdfunding platforms are a very efficient tool to get access to financing. However, once obtained, the artist is responsible of all of the aspects of the production, fiscal and legal. This supposes a great deal of time and requires infrastructures that the author is not always able to assume.

In Spaceman Project you have access to the funding and the infrastructure that will take care of all the aspects after the creation of the comic’s pages. We do everything necessary for your comic to get to bookshops and readers of several countries in the world. We have direct distribution with France, Belgium, Spain and Italy. And more importantly, you get royalties from every single book that is sold in any point of sale.

If you are interested in publishing a comic with us check out the requirements to submit your project.