8 mars 2016Nothin' Personal

NOTHIN' PERSONAL: Swanson´s nanobot suit

Actualisation du projet Nothin' Personal

To demonstrate we think A LOT to design any little shit, and we don't make things because they are pretty or entertaining, I leave you here a couple of pages of the technical design for the new-noob Swanson.

Nanobots change color and brightness following Swanson's brainwaves. She can control how much body surface is covered, the design of the pattern, or the tightness and density of the nanobot grid, thanks to the chips connected to her brain. 

The Nanobot suit regulates the body temperature and recycles any body secretion to get water and energy: sweat, urine, and, yes, feces. 
It can reflect the background to create optical camouflage, and it can also regroup nanobots to make certain areas more dense and compact to protect the body from bullets , falls, or high speed impact... if the brain reacts on time.

Nanobots can fix themselves in the storage area (the boots). The energy obtained from recycling the body's secretions is also stored there, and keeps the nanobots functioning.
Nanobots don't only work superficially, they also enter the body for the recycling process, to build temporary tissue when wounded, or to regulate the internal organs during crio-sleep.  
Nanobots are emotionally attached to their owner, if the nervous system dies, they will let themselves die too.

Other than the cerebral chips that control the suit, Swanson possesses two cyborg retinas, the right one for enhanced daylight vision, and the left for enhanced night vision. Sadly, using both at the same time is SHIT.
But nothing a good-old eyepatch can't solve.