Project financed successfully on 08/06/2020


English and Spanish.

Junio-Julio 2020



Accompany Miki Montlló through this 60-day trip where you can experience his emotions and sensations during this historical and hysterical moment we are all going through, the COVID-19 pandemic. Page after page, Miki shows us what the worldwide pandemic and intense Spanish quarantine have meant to him, charged with common sense, exasperation, paranoia, and a lot of humor. From the beginning of his quarantine, Miki Montlló has made a page a day, and he will continue until the 10th of May, the moment in which Phase 0 to "back to normality" will be launched in Spain.

About the project

"Quarantine journal arises from the need of keeping my mind sane. Drawing has always been the best way to exorcise my demons, and during these weird times, it has become an obligation, a way of dealing with the cascade of thoughts caused by the damn virus. Starting with denial (it's only a common cold), followed by anger (what the hell is the government doing?), negotiation (nothing is going to happen to us, we will shelter in the mountains and everything will be under control), continuing with depression (this was the Apocalypse that the 80s movies were talking about) and ending with acceptancy (the world is a screwed up place).

Going through all phases and states of mind, drawing all the way through. Materializing my thoughts in images has become the only option, from our forced isolation, to connect with all the millions of people who were experiencing this catastrophe in pajama from all over the world. The toilet paper madness, the flee of many to their second homes, the collective stupidity, the conspiracy, the tedium and the quarantine gastronomy, all through our experience, in the good company of a cat that secretly laughs about those poor humans, as locked up as she is in a brick world with plasma windows.

An experience that continues and seems to have arrived to stay with us, but that we will remember in the future as the beginning of a new era, where we had to quickly learn how to stay together despite everything, even from isolation and anxiety.

With humor and sarcasm, this is a book to remember these days that we lived through with intensity, hoping that they will never happen again."



Each Preorder will receive this exclusive DIARY OF A QUARANTINE print as a gift.