23rd August 2017Nima

All set for printing!

Project Update: Nima

By Spaceman Project

"Dear backer,
After a year and a half of work, we are happy to announce that we finished the translations and editorial design of Enrique Fernández’s work, NIMA, which will become a reality when it goes to print on September 4th. The production is scheduled to last for four weeks, and we will send copies to our patrons as soon as they arrive in our store.

Do not worry if you changed addresses in the meantime. You still have until September 15th to update your information on your user page by selecting “Shipping Address” and the “Edit” option. 

We also take this opportunity to remind you that the name that will feature on the thank-you credits will be the one written on your user profile, which you can change until August 31th.

We will inform you once the packages are sent out with a confirmation e-mail.
We hope that you will enjoy the result of the author’s and Spaceman Project’s months of hard work as much as we did.
Many thanks for being sponsoring NIMA and making this project a reality".