By Enrique Fernández
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Spanish, English, French and Italian.

july 2017

All or nothing

In the heart of the forest, among beautiful landscapes and fantastic creatures, is hidden the home of the nymphs, where we find Nima. She has reached adulthood and the time has come for her to take responsibility for the future of her species, to put into practice all she has been taught about the world of humans so she can seduce them, use them to perpetuate her race and then get rid of them. When she meets Awk he is different from what her sisters had taught her about men and she begins to have doubts. Will she be able to maintain the ancient traditions that ensure her survival and that of her people against her own feelings?

In this work the author presents a group off nymphs that have just reached adulthood and must take responsibility for the survival of their species.

The nymphs never give birth to male children and therefore have to seduce and deceive the unfortunate men that get lost in the forest. Once they lie with their human and achieve their aim of ensuring another generation of nymphs, they mercilessly kill the unfortunate victim. Their justification for such an act is that they must leave no trace, nor allow more relations between both worlds. Thus it has been for generations. 

Nima, a nymph who usually tends to have more doubts than her peers, thinks about the reason for their traditions. Will everything be as she was taught? She doesn’t feel prepared for what she is asked to do and that feeling becomes stronger after getting to know her first victim, a human, who is not as she thought he would be and who increases her doubts about the need to do it, at least not in the way she has been taught.

Ejemplo imagen #1

In contrast to the world of the nymphs, in the human’s world we meet Awk, a young man who feels out of place in his village. Seeking to get farther and farther away from his own people, he goes deep into the forest, from which nobody returns. What he will find in that new world will have strong repercussions on both groups of people.

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Nima is a story of impossible love with all the atmosphere of fairy tales, in which the fate of the lovers is played out to an uncertain end.



For a work of this depth and artistic sensitivity, some rewards have been designed on a par with the author. Some of them can be obtained in bookshops and others not. It is indicated on the sidebar which are limited editions and which are not. As well as raising the amount needed for Nima to see the light of day, the aim of this campaign is to reward and offer readers some exclusive products with a high editing level. When readers open the pages of this comic we want them to be able to immerse themselves in an experience that will last in the memory and be treasured like a sensory memento.

Below are the different types of individual rewards in order to be able to appreciate the final result:

We know what a job well done entails and both the author and Spaceman Project are prepared. We love this medium and want to take it to another level where readers, authors, editors and booksellers are the protagonists. Therefore, we have taken small details into account and set a goal of raising an amount in keeping with what we offer. 

A maximum period of 15 months is anticipated for the development of this work.

Muestra de páginas Nima

As the campaign time advances we will upload graphic and information updates, with the aim of going deeper into the world of Nima. As a guarantee of confidence we state that there will be no new rewards added to those offered from the beginning of the campaign. We believe that we must be fair and make our best offer from the outset. With this campaign policy we seek to ensure that sponsors do not feel disappointed after making an investment that is to their taste and then discovering a new reward. 

Finally, but no less important, all the illustrations presented in this campaign are provisional and are subject to modifications once the goal is reached and the work begins to be created. This will mainly only affect cover images, never the story and format of the work and the type of reward offered. Naturally, we are presenting a live project to be developed. Creativity has no limits and we are convinced that we should not stop improving, which is why we have a commitment to quality with our readers.

Update (12/02/2016)

Exclusive gift for the backers of Nima

Backing a comic in Spaceman Project has its rewards!
For all of you that have supporting Enrique Fernandez's project, we are rewarding you with an exclusive print of the character Nima.

More details in Nima's blog.


Update (25/02/2016)

Join NIMA's Fan Art Contest!

To celebrate the good reception of Nima and share our excitement, we are creating a contest. We are in the middle of the campaign and the final stages of the collection, getting closer to our objective. Are you joining?

You can send your creations until 10th of March at 12:00 (CET). The winners will be announced on the 11th of March.

The winners will be chosen by Enrique Fernández and the Spaceman team. The technique of the fan art and its narrative value will be taken into account.

Read the terms of the contest


Update (26/02/2016)

Second gift for the backers of Nima

Omokoi is an important character in Nima's story, he is the one in charge of using his odour to attract humans that are lost in the forest and take them to the nymphs. Our heroine suffers the strict lectures of Omokoi, he always look like he has everything under control... but it wasn't always like that. When he was a teenager, discovering his odour didn't only attract humans made him have the worst day of his life...

More about this gift in Nima's blog

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  • 9th January 2018


    by Sandro Mena

    Here is a new shipment update:

    We have two parts to do the backers shipments. First we make all the boxes in Barcelona, after that we send all the international shipments to France (in two big palets), that do possible to keep the good shipment price because we're in Spain. This transit have a estimated duration of 10 days. But, We have a delay because was Christmas time and the logistics stopped all until this week. So, tomorrow is the deadline to have all in France and in the following days is when the international shipments start to each backer. When all the international shipment are done, we will send a confirmation by mail. The estimation to arrive is around 10 days (22th-24th January is the approximate delivery).

    I'm so sorry for the delay. I know We have so many backer are waiting
    the reward and we are so impatience to finish this part.

    If you need some more info, please, you can write here:


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  • 6th December 2017


    by Spaceman Project

    We have the great pride to confirm that the NIMA comic book has come to life and looks great.

    We’ve endured three extra weeks of fabrication process due to the complex and difficult production of 18 individual products and over 10,000 copies printed, and because the printing process took longer than what was first confirmed to us. We are very sorry that we weren’t able to send you the copies between November 15th and 18th as was originally planned. Unfortunately we can’t always have an exact estimate of production time and we need to face any glitches that may push back deadlines and try to solve them as best as possible.

    As you can see in the pictures, the comic book have come to completion. We estimate that the rest of the products (Artbook, Omokoi bonus, laminated bonus, postcards and poster) will be delivered on Tuesday, December 12th, and not sooner because December 6th and 8th are national holidays in Spain, If we receive everything in due time, we will start sending the 1,500 packages to our sponsors from December 14th.

    We hope you’ll find that the long wait will be worth it and that you will be able to appreciate the work that took us 20 months to produce NIMA, with the author and publication process.

    We take full responsibility for misinformation regarding the current state of Spaceman Project and we acknowledge that the communication hasn’t always been straightforward. For the past two months, we’ve been working on a more efficient system to keep our sponsors informed from the platform, especially regarding the meaning of publication process and delivery deadlines, so that the author will be able to keep the sponsors updated throughout the creation process about the evolution of the work or any delays that could come about. We are a team of human beings, we learn from our mistakes and know that we can do better as we learn more about our editorial model. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of the sponsors who trust us and deliver better service every time.

    Last but not least, you still have until December 13th (We will delivery your package to the address inserted on that day) to update your name and delivery address with the following path:
    Enter in My account / Select rewards / See the details of this contribution  / Shipping Address / Edit

    We will let you know as soon as we will send out the packages. Remember that the copies won’t be on sale in bookstores until all sponsors receive their package, we keep this compromise with all those who have made NIMA a reality and will let them be the first to enjoy this wonderful piece of art.

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  • 27th October 2017


    by Spaceman Project
    We are writing to you to thank you for sponsoring NIMA as well as to apologize for the extra time it’s taking us to complete the production and to explain the reasons behind this postponement in greater detail.
    The project was successfully completed on March 15th 2016, 18 months ago. Once the material was handed in by Enrique we spent months working on the comic book, for a final result of 18 books edited in various languages and formats.
    Please find a detailed roadmap with the production dates and actions that took place up until today:

    Upon completing the editorial designs, we sent all the documents to printing and started the pre-production process, including the selection of paper and finish coating. The paper was then produced in a factory to make the copies both for our sponsors and for the bookstores.
    We received the paper from the factory after 3 or 4 weeks, and noticed an error in the type of paper used, which couldn’t adapt to the requested texture, weight and absorption.

    We asked for a new paper production, soon after throwing away the original paper whose color and designs couldn’t adapt to the coating required by NIMA.

    -OCTOBER 27TH- 
    We received the new paper and we are ready to print the pages. 
    The rewards should be sent between November 13th and 18th.
    To make up for our lateness we have created a special bonus for all sponsors, as you can see in the picture. We have included 64 extra pages in a 17x24 cm format with the complete Nima storyboard. We hope this extra gift will serve to thank you for your support, patience and understanding.
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  • 23rd August 2017

    All set for printing!

    by Spaceman Project

    "Dear backer,
    After a year and a half of work, we are happy to announce that we finished the translations and editorial design of Enrique Fernández’s work, NIMA, which will become a reality when it goes to print on September 4th. The production is scheduled to last for four weeks, and we will send copies to our patrons as soon as they arrive in our store.

    Do not worry if you changed addresses in the meantime. You still have until September 15th to update your information on your user page by selecting “Shipping Address” and the “Edit” option. 

    We also take this opportunity to remind you that the name that will feature on the thank-you credits will be the one written on your user profile, which you can change until August 31th.

    We will inform you once the packages are sent out with a confirmation e-mail.
    We hope that you will enjoy the result of the author’s and Spaceman Project’s months of hard work as much as we did.
    Many thanks for being sponsoring NIMA and making this project a reality".
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  • 11th May 2017


    by Enrique Fernández

    Enrique Fernandez has finished the pages and the result is stunning!

    He has worked hard all year round and now Spaceman Project is starting with the translation, editing and printing of the comic. 

    During this process we will send an email to all the backers to confirm their name for the credits and the delivery address. 
    Once out of the printer, the deliveries will start. 

    If you still want to get hold of some of the rewards, you can preorder the ones you like most here

    Thank you for supporting this beautiful project! 
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  • 7th December 2016

    [Update] 40 pages finished!

    by Enrique Fernández

    Enrique Fernández has finished the 40 first pages of his latest comic! And they are gorgeous!

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  • 6th June 2016
  • 15th April 2016

    NIMA: Documentación y guion

    "Este maravilloso entorno es la fuente de inspiración para crear los escenarios de Nima. El guion esta cogiendo forma a un ritmo veloz".

    Enrique Fernández



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  • 15th March 2016

    NIMA successfully funded!!!

    Enrique Fernández's campaign ended last night at 00:00. His project Nima raised 50.250 €, the goal being 49.000 €!

    On behalf of Spaceman Project we would like to thank all of the backers that made us reach the goal to create this wonderful comic. The whole team lived the night with the nerves on edge, astonished and happy, all at once.
    We've had the best debut as a platform that we could have imagined. 

    The creation process starts now. During the next months we will keep you updated with the progress of the book through the blog.

    We are back to work with renewed strength. 

    Thank you!

  • 14th March 2016

    NIMA, last day to back!

    The crowdfunding period for Enrique Fernandez's Nima comes to an end today at 00:00 (CET).

    During these 41 days we have received a great reception and a lot of support for our platform, and we are very happy with the result of Spaceman Project´s debut.

    Thank you all for backing, sharing and living the day-to-day with Spaceman Project!

  • 11th March 2016

    NIMA FAN ART CONTEST: And the winners are...

    1st Prize: Jesús Alonso Iglesias

    Signed NIMA Spaceman Exclusive Edition HC 


    2nd Prize: Giovanni Costa

    Signed NIMA Special Edition HC 


    3rd Prize: Kin Lee

    NIMA Pack 3 (Comic HC + Artbook + Postcards) signed 


    4th Prize: Sara Mauri

    Signed NIMA Comic HC 


    Thank you to all the participants for being part of the contest. Congratulations to all the winners!

    Discover the art of all of the participants here.

  • 10th March 2016

    The deadline for Nima's fan-art is now closed!

    The contest has been a success and we are very happy with the people's involvement. 

    Thank you to all of the more than 50 artists that have dedicated  their time and love to create a fan art of Nima, now it's our turn to choose. Tomorrow we will announce the 4 contest winners.  We'll keep you posted!

    Remember, it's very important to share the link! there is 5 days left for this comic to become a reality. 

  • 7th March 2016

    NIMA: "Tradition", complete process of the page.

    Enrique Fernández shares with us his amazing creative process while creating a page for his comic NIMA. Watching how the colours and shapes appear is hypnotising. 

    "The process of this page (pencils and gouache) is a clear example of what I want Nima to be. A comic with a fresh, organic feel, free from big technical details, focused on big brushy strokes and bright happy colours. I want the color pencil and brush strokes to breathe and become tangible, providing their texture and warmth."

    Enrique Fernández

  • 4th March 2016

    New Nima page: Tradition

    Enrique Fernández presents a new page of his comic Nima: "Tradition".

    "Nima went through the same type of education and training than the rest of the other nymphs, but something inside her tells her that there is another way. Specially now that she knows Awk."

  • 2nd March 2016
  • 29th February 2016
  • 26th February 2016

    We reveal the next exclusive present for the backers of Nima!

    We are rewarding all of you that are giving your support to Enrique Fernandez's project with the second backer bonus, a short story about Omokoi, Nima´s companion. 

    Omokoi is an important character in Nima's story, he is the one in charge of using his odour to attract humans that are lost in the forest and take them to the nymphs. Our heroine suffers the strict lectures of Omokoi, he always look like he has everything under control... but it wasn't always like that. When he was a teenager, discovering his odour didn't only attract humans made him have the worst day of his life...

    8 page A5 booklet.

    The 11th of March we will reveal the last present we have, only available for the backers of Nima in Spaceman Project.

  • 25th February 2016

    Join NIMA's Fan Art Contest!

    To celebrate the good reception of Nima and share our excitement, we are creating a contest. We are in the middle of the campaign and the final stages of the collection, getting closer to our objective. Are you joining?

    How does the contest work? 

    To participate in the contest, first, you need to register on our website. We need your data to be able to contact you and send you your prize if you are one of the winners. 


    1er Prize: Signed NIMA Spaceman Exclusive Edition HC 

    2º Prize: Signed NIMA Special Edition HC 

    3er Prize: NIMA Pack 3 (Comic HC + Artbook + Postcards) signed

    4º Prize: Signed NIMA Comic HC


    1. Draw a fan art of Nima in an international paper format (A5 or A4).
    2. Publish it on Facebook or twitter (with the hashtag #nimafanart) and including the link to Nima's project (
    3. Send us the fan art via e-mail ( to be able to value it in the quality it deserves.

    Deadline for the contest

    The contest will take place from the 25th of February to the 10th of March at 12:00 (CET).

    The winners will be announced on the 11th of March.

    The winners will be chosen by Enrique Fernández and the Spaceman team. The technique of the fan art and its narrative value will be taken into account.

    Remember, this prizes will only be given if the project goes forward. It's very important to count on your support and to spread the word.

    Note: In case a participant wins the contest and already had acquired the reward beforehand, it will be substituted by one of the same value.

  • 23rd February 2016

    Environment designs for Nima

    by Enrique Fernández

  • 18th February 2016

    Page creation process for Nima

    by Enrique Fernández

    My intention with this book is working again in a traditional way. Pencils, paper, gouache... But after so much time without practice, I still need the support of digital painting. In this case, for the concept art and the pencil sketch, and for some last color and assembly retouches (for printing) of the final page.  

  • 16th February 2016

    Infant nymphs designs, NIMA

    by Enrique Fernández

    They are cute when they are kids, aren´t they? When they grow up as adults they are ready to seduce a man and kill him with their very own hands. But when they are kids are just adorable!

  • 12th February 2016

    Exclusive gift for the backers of Nima

    Thank you for backing comics Spaceman Project!

    For all of you that have supporting Enrique Fernandez's project, we are rewarding you with an exclusive print of the character Nima.

    The print is a one side duotone, measuring 14,8 x 21 cm

    The 26th February we will unveil another of the presents we have ready, and that will only be available for the backers of Nima in Spaceman Project.

  • 11th February 2016

    First designs

    by Enrique Fernández

    During the process of developing a book, the characters change a lot, depending on the moods and feelings of the story, that also changes from what you have in mind first. Everything is alive and evolving, and that´s what makes the developement of a book something great to see. That´s the kind of things you see on the Artbook and the Extra Pages of the books.

  • 10th February 2016

    Enrique Fernández: "Me gusta crear personajes vinculados de forma directa con la naturaleza o con un mundo espiritual, incluso místico"

    by Jordi Riera

    La campaña de Nima ya tiene una semana de vida, ¿qué mejor manera de celebrarlo que con una entrevista a su creador? Enrique Fernández nos desvela más detalles sobre todo lo que rodea a nuestra querida ninfa.

    Read more
  • 5th February 2016

    Descubriendo "Nima", la nueva obra de Enrique Fernández

    by Antoni Guiral

    Enrique Fernández es guionista, animador, ilustrador y, por encima de todo, un enorme autor de cómic. Desde su más tierna infancia ha llenado de monigotes todo papel que ha encontrado al alcance de sus manos. Ya en la universidad, estudiando Bellas Artes, vislumbraría que no sería allí donde aprendería el oficio de dibujante. Así fue cuando en 1995, bajo el impacto que le producen la humanidad y expresividad de los personajes de las películas de animación del momento, se sumerge en un curso de técnicas de animación.

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  • 3rd February 2016

    Project launch

Enrique Fernández

Enrique Fernández, comic book author born in Hospitalet, Barcelona, in 1975.
I began working in the field of animation. “El Cid” and “Nocturna” were my most noteworthy projects, where I did the storyboard.
Later on I published comic books mainly for French publishers (although they were translated into several languages) such as:

  • El Mago de Oz (adaptation with David Chauvel as scriptwriter)
  • Libertadores (my first published work)
  • “La Mère des Victoires” (published only in France)
  • La isla sin sonrisa
  • Aurore
  • Los cuentos de la era de Cobra

My latest self-published work was made available in 4 languages, and is entitled “Brigada”.

I combine my work as an author with illustration work, designs for animation projects, board games and videogames.

The kind of work I feel most comfortable with is the fantasy story. I try to create a different atmosphere for each of my works, although they all share the common factor of favouring dreaming about the world I invite readers to explore. I want the reading experience to go beyond the main story, so that readers can have resources to imagine further stores within the universe created for the book.

When I am working on the script I like to think about other stories within the main plot, to help lend greater weight to the work, even if only I know this information. I like the kinds of sentences that can convey a whole back story in just four words, or introducing a concept which is too hard to explain, by showing only some small fragments and leaving the reader to fill in the gaps.

My way of working is based on emotion. I don’t use a particular kind of script where everything fits together on a technical level. I want to have a story in which characters are believable, and can breathe, so that they exist independently of our reading. As if we had arrived to spy on them just when the action is taking place, but making sure they are still interesting for their own sake.

In that sense, I am also looking to ensure that the graphic design of the characters conveys a story (or a group of small stories), whether because of the proportions, the attitude, the gaze, etc.