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The easy and innocent life of Paula will be truncated by the bloody irruption of the wolves in her town. For her, it's just the beginning... Her dark childhood traumas come back ferociously and she find herself be surrounded by soulless hunters, wild spirits, and a breed of wolves older than men. Forbidden love will reveal it's secret instincts. Will Paula be ready for her destiny?

About the project

Paula works as a waitress in Fangville's tavern. Docile, fearful and naive, she arouses rejection in the villagers, and is constantly humiliated and mistreated by the barman and the decadent clientele. But within her lays a great mystery that she's not ready to acknowledge yet.She lives a joyless life, forced to hide her own feelings. Unable to find her place in the world, she chooses to keep holding on, thinking the winds of change will bring her something better. Days go by, indistinguishable from one another, until one day, the Barman makes her go with him on a short trip. When they are violently  attacked by the fearsome Wolves everything turns shady, fast and confusing… but that’s just the beginning.

Somewhere and sometime unknown, deep in the forest, Grey Wolf awakes. Wounded, disoriented and weak, he seems to have been left behind by his pack. In a world of beasts union is strength, and being alone could easily mean death. As he tries to put his thoughts together and assess the situation, a shadow gets closer and closer. Is this his demise or his only chance of survival?

In the village the wolves’ attack doesn't go unnoticed, and the fear for their return starts to spread. The mayor, an old huntsman yearning for the glory of times passed, decides to organise a massive hunt in order exterminate every single wolf in the forest and regain the village’s safety. In that moment Adrian appears. A strange-looking outsider with suspicious intentions who claims to be the best wolf-hunter there is. He convinces everyone he is their best choice to lead the hunt and shows them his credentials: hundreds of wolf heads. Facing the cheers of the crowd in Fangville, the mayor hesitantly agrees.

Let your wildest side lose and join us in this unforgettable adventure!



Can the most fearful and docile girl in the world survive the savagest wolf pack on Earth?

The mist slowly meandering between hundred-year-old trees, the sensation of a penetrating look fixed on your back, the silence of the forest broken by a faraway creak, two dots shining from the shadows, a growl that freezes your heart, a scream that pierces through the woods... and blood, lots of blood. This is Girl and Wolf!

I was in a middle of my moving, surrounded by a jungle of cardboard boxes, putting away my favourite game "Los Hombres Lobo de Castronegro" ("Les Loups-Garous de Thiercelieux", a group card game where one has the wolf role and kills villagers trying not to get caught. Pretty much hard drugs) when my friend David visited me. He was back from Angoulême's comic festival and brought an amazing comic with him, Hildafolk by Luke Pearson!
That lit the spark that would become Girl and Wolf.
Hilda -for those who don't know it- is a charming 30 page comic beautifully edited, that afterwards generated a wonderful comic collection and even an animated adaptation.
I love it's oneiric world, with dreamland characters integrated and naturalised in the everyday life of the protagonists. Anyway, after reading the comic in my box-fort and with my favourite game on my lap, it all became pretty clear. I wanted to do my own comic! also 30 pages long, but with wolves!

It's been 6 years since then and the main idea of 30 pages started growing. The super-simple starting story started turning more and more profound... like one that gets deeper and deeper into a gloomy forest. I was fascinated by the misty surroundings that started growing around Paula, the leading character. And I wanted to get lost in them more time. Paula captivated me, from her confrontation with the cruelty of the woods, to her past, that bursts in furiously to collect her debt.

Paula started making her way accompanied by a cast of characters, that started turning more interesting, acquiring strength and reclaiming ferociously their place in the story. I've been incapable of denying them... so 30 pages turned into 300! The simple storyline turned into a crowded net where the relationships the characters weave are increasingly complicated and hates, passions and savage deaths intersect. The story subtly enters a spiral of tension... until it gets to a super-duper climax! You will see!

I also started to introduce some hints of our present. They emerged spontaneously while considering on our day by day. Elements like the harmful political greed, the necessity to feminize our society, the sexual liberty or the danger of prejudice and massive intolerance.
All of this topics are there as a reflection of our rabid present.

I've invested a lot of time of my life to create and improve Girl and Wolf, and now it's almost seeing the light! YOOHOO! So I want to share it with all of you. I invite you to become a part of Paula's maiden voyage amongst the most terrible beasts on Earth. You'll see how she messes things up!

Let your wildest side lose and join me in this adventure! Oh yeah!"


We know what a job well done entails and both the author and Spaceman Project are prepared. We love this medium and want to take it to another level where readers, authors, editors and booksellers are the protagonists. Therefore, we have taken small details into account and set a goal of raising an amount in keeping with what we offer. 

A maximum period of 15 months is anticipated for the development of this work.

Finally, but no less important, all the illustrations presented in this campaign are provisional and are subject to modifications once the goal is reached and the work begins to be created. This will mainly only affect cover images, never the story and format of the work and the type of reward offered. Naturally, we are presenting a live project to be developed. Creativity has no limits and we are convinced that we should not stop improving, which is why we have a commitment to quality with our readers.