By Lorenzo Palloni and Alessandro Martoz
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Spanish, English, French and Italian.

Todo o nada

Owen Theobart has a secret: he cannot stop writing because everything he writes turns into reality, but when his stories put his family and the planet at risk, the only thing he can do is try to destroy them whichever way possible and do things he never could have imagined, going so far as to put his own identity and the world around him in jeopardy.

About the project


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Owen Theobart is 50 years old. He has a beautiful wife, five children and he is the best- known science fiction writer in the world. His novels and comic books are sold, read and beloved across the planet. His life seems perfect, at least until a super human named Oktako, almost kills Owen during an television interview, while a masked group of people, known as The Power Ones, save him.

There’s only one problem: magic, super powers, everything that’s supernatural…just doesn’t exist in our world.

While those super humans keep on appearing throughout the country, Owen falls into a deep crisis and tells his wife, Jocelyn, what he had never told anybody before: ever since he could remember, he literally hasn’t been able to stop writing stories. In fact each story that he imagines, from the simplest to the most catastrophic, becomes a reality in a matter of seconds unless he writes it down. Owen has no control over what he imagines, he only serves the purpose of a medium. Those characters must have escaped, who knows how, and now he doesn’t know how to solve this whole situation.

While trying to think of a plan to fight against those strange beings, Owen and his family live the most dangerous adventure of their lives, where their paper dreams become real nightmares: there is no space for secrets and mysteries, there can only be fighting against stories, because the future of the whole world hangs on a thread, exactly like the surrounding reality.




We know what a job well done entails and both the author and Spaceman Project are prepared. We love this medium and want to take it to another level where readers, authors, editors and booksellers are the protagonists. Therefore, we have taken small details into account and set a goal of raising an amount in keeping with what we offer.

A period of 15 months (after the campaign ended) is anticipated for the development of this work.

Finally, but no less important, all the illustrations presented in this campaign are provisional and are subject to modifications once the goal is reached and the work begins to be created. This will mainly only affect cover images, never the story and format of the work and the type of reward offered. Naturally, we are presenting a live project to be developed. Creativity has no limits and we are convinced that we should not stop improving, which is why we have a commitment to quality with our readers.