SORUNNE [Preorder]


Project financed successfully on 07/11/2021


Spanish, English and French.

October-December 2021



A kōan zen says "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?". But furthermore, if something falls from the sky and no one is around to see it, what happens?"

Maybe nothing would happen in your world, but in Gidru, that occurrence may set off a series of events that'll change absolutely everything and will make the world fall into oblivion...or maybe, just maybe, Gidru is not that different after all, and nothing will change, and no one will change...  and NoOne, will change...

About the project

Gidru is the center, the place where everything that was forgotten comes to meet. But don´t you try to remember, after all, we are made of oblivion, and here the names name nothing no more.

Allow me to tell you the story. Though I must warn you: NoOne is the protagonist, and to be able to finish the tale, I might have to speak about Kuddra, who keeps the order in this world, about the pilgrim that searches the inexistent, and the Bhurru that found a purpose.

It´s also necessary that you learn about the Sorunne, the five sacred laws given by Arduk, the first God, that give sense and order to all things:

-Do not read any written words whatsoever.
-Do not break iddâk idols nor damage their nails.
-Do not carve masks from the knots of the Tree of the Dead.
-Do not eat Duiya flowers.
-Do not call yourself by the old names.

Even if we both know nothing I just said will remain in your head, let me tell you, as some of us protect the memory so we can share it and it´s never lost.