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Spanish and English.

Todo o nada

It’s the year 100k and winds of change start smelling through the galaxy. Kawaii has been trending for years, and the new Trap wave promises to gain all the attention from the media.

In the marginal planet GH3T-TO, Jakko and his mates become viral after commercializing a new hallucinogenic drug and start ascending the social ladder and rubbing elbows with the most popular influencers in the universe.

However, fame is short-lasting, and these young aliens will have to maintain their position seeming like they possess a drug they sold out a while ago, while the Mafia and a big corporation follow their movements closely to try to steal it from them.

About the project

GH3T-TO was originally a prison planet intended for the most dangerous criminals of the galaxy, but after a mutiny the inmates freed themselves from all abuse of power and took control of the planet, inhabiting every corner and creating their own gang based culture. 200 years later, our protagonist scrapes out a living in the guts of one of the cities, dealing weed.

Born in the sewers and breast-fed by rats, Jakko dreams of becoming an influencer and getting out of GH3T-TO. In order to touch that dream, he tries to surround himself with popular people like mobster Big-D. But their relationship gets seriously strain after a powerful new drug arrives in town and Jakko is unable to pay his debts dealing his mediocre weed.

Estranged from the Gh3ttonian mafia, Jakko and his inseparable sister Spark run away from the sewers in search of that new drug that will allow him to make amends with Big-D.

Nevertheless, everything will change when they discover the origin of the drug, and that Afro-Dita is not your regular dealer… She produces the potent substance herself, as her vaginal fluids are extremely hallucinogenic, allowing her to make some side money, but making it quite hard to find a decent lover.

Seeing the potential of the drug, Afro, Jakko, Spark, and the newly found Lambo, decide to team up and massively distribute the drug using the internet and earn some serious cash and fame almost overnight.

After getting a personal invitation from famous trapper 5Stars to visit his mansion and host a huge party, Jakko abandons the idea of smoothing things up with Big-D and decides to lie about the fact that they run out of the drug a while ago due to its demand, and that producing it requires a lot of time and dedication.

While Big-D decides how and when he will murder Jakko and steal his drug to get back what he’s owed, and the declining massive corporation Coke-Jelly desperately tries to get the sole rights to exploit the drug, the four downtown aliens naively take course towards the 5Stars mansion to try to fulfill their dreams.

But appearances can be deceiving, and Jakko and his friends will find themselves trapped in a twisted plot of universal scale that none of them could have ever imagined…

Will the mafia be the biggest one of their problems? Or do influencers hide a darker side?

Discover it in this crazy adventure of GH3T-TO!





We know the kind of effort it takes to do a good job, and both the author and Spaceman Project are prepared. We love this medium and we want to take it to another level where the readers, authors, and the booksellers are the protagonists. It is because of that that we have taken the small details into account and adjusted the fundraising goal for what we’re offering.

This is an all or nothing campaign model. In order for the project to become a reality we need to reach 100% of the goal. The length of the campaign will last 30 days but can be extended by 7 more days if the project reaches 75% of its goal before the end of the month.  As the publisher, Spaceman Project, can make contributions to the campaign to boost or complete the goal at its own discretion. As is customary, an announcement will be made public if this happens.


Author / Cost to create

Platform / Creation, management and Crowdfunding collection management.

Publishing / Editorial advisory, quality control, translations, graphic design, pre-production, printing, delivery of rewards to backers and bookstore distribution.


Author / 15-18 months after the end of the campaign. *

Editing / 3 months of editing after the author’s final delivery.

Printing / 5 to 10 weeks for printing.

Deliveries / it will take between 2 and 6 weeks after the books have been received to be sent to the backers.

*Spaceman Project is not responsible for delays in the creation as this is the author’s commitment to the backers. In the case that the work is not finished, the author is directly responsible for refunding the backers. 

All illustrations presented in this campaign are provisional and are subject to change once the goal has been reached, and work on the project commences. This is only applicable to the cover images for the most part, not to the story, the format of the work, nor the rewards being offered. Obviously, we are presenting a work that is in progress and under development. Creativity has no limits and we are confident that we will not stop improving, and as such, we have made a commitment to quality with our readers.

While the project is being created, the authors are responsible for issuing updates and keeping the backers informed. Once the materials have been delivered to Spaceman, the publisher will be in charge of informing the backers about each of the next steps (Editing/ Production/ Warehouse arrival/ shipment of packages).