Nothin' Personal

By Andre and JOSEP

Project financed successfully on 26/03/2016

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Spanish, English, French and Italian.

Todo o nada




About the project

The S.A.D is more than a group of mercenaries. It’s a little family of dangerous soldiers seasoned in hundreds of raids and battles. Their motto is never taking any job in a personal way. In combat, everyone wants the S.A.D on their end, no one wants to confront them. If you want to rescue someone, invade a planet or subdue your enemies, they are undoubtedly your best option. While there is a good amount of money, they will be on your side, no questions asked, nothin’ personal, just business. But now all of their combat abilities and survival instincts will be tested when a simple rescue mission turns into the most dangerous job of their career...

The S.A.D (Search and Destroy) is not an ordinary mercenary group, it’s a little family that works in what they know best: fighting in small skirmishes or huge battlefields, doing rescue missions, invading planets or hunting fugitives down.

Unlike other famous mercenary groups like the Nulk Corporation, the S.A.D is formed by very few members, but nevertheless their reputation gives them all of the jobs they need. They don’t fight for glory and they never take sides, they consider it only a job, and they avoid anything personal. They always fulfill an assignment and another of their mottos is “never work for free”.


The Team

Reg manages them with an iron fist. A veteran of a thousand wars and experienced in other groups of soldiers for hire, finally she settled by herself and founded the S.A.D, that has turned into her second family, and in which she plays the part of the implacable captain and also the protective mother that would do anything to protect her cubs.

To watch over their health of the team is the job of the chief mate Dog Sánchez, member of the Galactic Battlefield Medic Brotherhood, a sawbones association with a strict honor codes and that no one will harm in battle except by accident. Dog is capable to sew a wound with one hand while he manages a weapon with the other.


Mayhem is in charge of always being well stocked of weaponry. Being a mercenary is a family tradition, and her parents cannot be prouder of her. She gets easily bored when the S.A.D is not on a job, she is addicted to action.

The «noob» is the most veteran of the team, but as he was recruited last, he has to carry that nickname and the shitty jobs that come with it, like going first in a mine field or distracting the enemy as a decoy. Although he complains all the time like the grouch he is, he is a machine and always comes out of danger unharmed. Or almost.


Fiddles is the youngest team member, but as he joined a bit before the noob, he got away from carrying the title. He can drive and repair almost anything. He belongs to a space nomad tribe that lives scattered all around the galaxy and whose members can appear when you least expect them and give a hand or make an even bigger mess. He is an “entrepreneur” and when he doesn’t have assignments with the S.A.D he deals with ship parts, weapons and pretty much anything that comes to hand.

Kryenne Swanson is the new team member, the new noob. She just graduated from one of the most prestigious military academy, and wants to make a name for herself in the mercenary world. She is an expert in modern technology and in the most advanced close combat techniques.


The mission

In this first comic, after a couple of months of leave, our heroes come back to action accepting what looks like a simple rescue mission.They shall have to retrieve a big fish, an important businessman whose ship crashed in Lexker II, a planet in ruins, almost uninhabited, devastated by a great war that happened years ago. They expect to find a couple of dangerous gangs of survivors, nothing very fancy, but instead they get an unexpected welcome of quite a big bunch of dangerous people willing to give their life so they do not fulfill their mission.



We know what a job well done entails and both the author and Spaceman Project are prepared. We love this medium and want to take it to another level where readers, authors, editors and booksellers are the protagonists. Therefore, we have taken small details into account and set a goal of raising an amount in keeping with what we offer. 

A maximum period of 15 months is anticipated for the development of this work.

How was Nothin’ Personal born (written by Andre!):

Like any other revolutionary event in history, Nothin’ Personal" was plotted in a bar. Josep and I wanted to do a comic together for a very big while, and after two years drawing balls with eyes for a video game company and realising I was losing the ability to draw limbs, that moment had finally arrived.  

We wanted to write a comic that we would truly enjoy reading ourselves, something that would never ever win a best graphic novel award, a book whose genre danced between action, science fiction and classic adventure; with that spirit of the 80’s that between gunshot and explosion had someone saying something witty.

We concentrated in creating a team that was charismatic and pathetic enough to be cool, and yet make you identify yourself with them.

We were thinking in Firefly, Star wars, Star Trek, Aliens, The Goonies, Predator, Commando, Buffy, Lord of the Rings... all of those classics we admire have something in common, a group of characters where each person had a favourite, and it didn’t have to be the same individual for everyone.

If the team works fluidly, you can create an infinity of stories around them, just by changing the background and the mission. Following a group is always more unexpected than following a one protagonist that you get to know well, and will always respond to trouble in a similar style.

That’s how the S.A.D. was born.

We made them mercenaries because it’s an interesting ambiguity. Who are the “good guys”? Who are the “bad guys”? Who wins a war? Are you “good” or “bad” if you are doing your job? In a more open future… Where do ethics go?

-I make a pause to remind you we had beer in our hands-

Besides from the fact we are science fiction lovers, we chose to give the comic a space environment for a very simple reason. ABSOLUTE FREEDOM. Think about it. If we wanted to do fantasy, we just send them on a mission to a pagan primitive planet. Time Travel? Not a problem. Robotic revolution or an alien invasion? We can. Victorian romance? I’m curious to see how we could pull that off with Reggie, Mayhem and the Noob walking around in a petticoat (by now you can feel there was a bit TOO MUCH beer).

Summarizing: with “Nothin’ Personal” we want to bring back the tone of those stories that we saw in the movies of the 80’s 90’s, where a group of diverse heroes faced all kind of menaces and dangers. An action packed story full of adventure and humor, cursing, laser shootings, explosions, and from time to time a kitten, so we can make plushies and get filthy rich.

We hope you enjoy reading this comic as much as we will enjoy making it.

May the force of Judge Dredd make you live long and prosper.

-- Andre