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There’s never been a pirate more famous on all seas than Pink Beard. His story has crossed over centuries and his legacy was a treasure that no one has ever been able to find. The premise of the Pink Beard legacy is an old pirate story of three brothers on a quest to find their father.

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Two hundred years ago, the world seas were plagued by cruel and heartless pirates. They lied in the fog, waiting to assault any boat trespassing their territories, nobody was safe from them, but there was one who was as feared as he was respected, by other pirates and powerful figures of the traveling seas, known as Pink Beard. A lot has been written about his deeds but which stories are true and which have been fabricated? Those who have seen his heart flag did not live to talk about it…

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So much evil has not gone unnoticed by the gods who punished him with the worst curse: he was sentenced to remain tied to his boat, the « Makara », on the most remote peak in the world, far from the sea, for all eternity.

There is a legend that says that the Makara hides somewhere in Ananta and in it… is the biggest treasure ever seen by mankind!

We invite you to discover this great adventure, packed with characters and intercrossed situations, which will unveil new visions of reality for our increasingly dubious protagonists. Dreams turn into strong desires and nothing is what it seems to be.

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"I’ve always been fascinated by the art of telling stories through drawings, and I feel most comfortable in the medium of comics. My style has been influenced by animation and Japanese art above all else, even though I consume all kinds of art forms. I’ve worked as a freelancer for different companies for several years, but I never stopped imagining and writing stories and…not putting them into drawings because of lack of time!

The Pink Beard Legacy was born from a simple idea; a giant boat stuck to the highest, most remote peak of any sea. How did it get there? Why is it there? Is it really there? I started looking for answers to my questions and scribbling things down in my notepads. A while later, I took another look at my notes and decided to give them shape. I wanted to talk about betrayal and I wanted to turn the reader into an accomplice as well as an observer, which is why I divided the story into three chapters juxtaposed in the same time space. Each chapter is an entanglement of events taking place simultaneously, and with that process I was able to make the narrative and characters three dimensional.

I imagined a fantastic setting and slightly eccentric characters forming a huge messy puzzle where all the pieces would fit in the end.

Pink Beard is a comic book full of adventure and fantasy that challenges the reader from the first minute to the last. It is possible to tell a pirate story in a cold and mountainous context. The limits between reality and fiction are subtle and we don’t have good and bad guys. It all depends on points of view.

Do you accept the challenge?