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Since the beginning of times, all children have heard tales of the terrible Baba Yaga. The legendary Russian witch who walks around with a magic cauldron and often accompanied by chicken legs in her house. It is said that she is the incarnation of evil, that she’s a disciple of Satan…but none of us are born evil. This is the story of a girl abandoned to her luck, who will have to turn into a monster who crept up on children in the eternal stories of Baba Yaga.

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Svetlana was only a child that when the tsar’s soldiers came blasting through her village, mostly made of Jewish people. By miracle, she and her friend Kalinka fled from the massacre and stumbled upon the forbidden woods, subject of speculations and superstitions. After wandering about for several days, Svetlana and Kalinka find shelter with Baba, an elderly woman cut off from the rest of the world. For a very brief moment, the two girls think that they are safe as old Baba makes them happy and joyful again. She teaches them about the use of plants, for good or evil, on top of other important ways to live as a woman alone against the world….For a long time, the village near the woods had tolerated Baba even though there were suspicions surrounding the old woman. There are all sorts of legends going around about her but the most unwary and desperate secretly visit her while the rest of the village look the other way. The motivations are always the same, a shameful disease, a cure for lovesickness, or solving the problem of unwanted pregnancies…

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Two young friends who pride themselves on stealing objects from Baba’s house, will find a new reason to go in the area. The presence of the two young girls, especially the beautiful Kalinka, will change the course of things. Both fall at the feet of Kalinka, but only the proud Vassili will steal the heart of the young girl. The family, horrified with the romance of their son with someone thought to be an enchantress apprentice, will force Vassili to join the tsar’s army to keep him away from her.

By the end of spring, Svetlana and Kalinka go for a swim in the source at the end of the woods, facing the village. They have such a wonderful time that they lose track of time and when they get home they realize that someone had stolen their clothes, they are almost naked but so happy and carefree that they run across the woods nonetheless. A young fanatic priest who had lost his way observes them running towards him and takes them for two creatures of the devil. Following this incident, he manages to convince the village that the presence of these Satan followers is intolerable. The village’s answer will be bloody and cruel…In Svetlana’s heart, the seeds of resentment start to grow…

Yaga is the story of this girl lost in a very hostile world. The story of a woman who will become a snake-woman because of the stupidity and obscurantism of mankind. Yaga is the journey of the most famous witch on Earth.