Nothin' Personal

By Andre and Josep Busquet
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Spanish, English, French and Italian.

august 2017

All or nothing

The S.A.D is more than a group of mercenaries. It’s a little family of dangerous soldiers seasoned in hundreds of raids and battles. Their motto is never taking any job in a personal way. In combat, everyone wants the S.A.D on their end, no one wants to confront them. If you want to rescue someone, invade a planet or subdue your enemies, they are undoubtedly your best option. While there is a good amount of money, they will be on your side, no questions asked, nothin’ personal, just business. But now all of their combat abilities and survival instincts will be tested when a simple rescue mission turns into the most dangerous job of their career...

The S.A.D (Search and Destroy) is not an ordinary mercenary group, it’s a little family that works in what they know best: fighting in small skirmishes or huge battlefields, doing rescue missions, invading planets or hunting fugitives down.

Unlike other famous mercenary groups like the Nulk Corporation, the S.A.D is formed by very few members, but nevertheless their reputation gives them all of the jobs they need. They don’t fight for glory and they never take sides, they consider it only a job, and they avoid anything personal. They always fulfill an assignment and another of their mottos is “never work for free”.


The Team

Reg manages them with an iron fist. A veteran of a thousand wars and experienced in other groups of soldiers for hire, finally she settled by herself and founded the S.A.D, that has turned into her second family, and in which she plays the part of the implacable captain and also the protective mother that would do anything to protect her cubs.

To watch over their health of the team is the job of the chief mate Dog Sánchez, member of the Galactic Battlefield Medic Brotherhood, a sawbones association with a strict honor codes and that no one will harm in battle except by accident. Dog is capable to sew a wound with one hand while he manages a weapon with the other.


Mayhem is in charge of always being well stocked of weaponry. Being a mercenary is a family tradition, and her parents cannot be prouder of her. She gets easily bored when the S.A.D is not on a job, she is addicted to action.

The «noob» is the most veteran of the team, but as he was recruited last, he has to carry that nickname and the shitty jobs that come with it, like going first in a mine field or distracting the enemy as a decoy. Although he complains all the time like the grouch he is, he is a machine and always comes out of danger unharmed. Or almost.


Fiddles is the youngest team member, but as he joined a bit before the noob, he got away from carrying the title. He can drive and repair almost anything. He belongs to a space nomad tribe that lives scattered all around the galaxy and whose members can appear when you least expect them and give a hand or make an even bigger mess. He is an “entrepreneur” and when he doesn’t have assignments with the S.A.D he deals with ship parts, weapons and pretty much anything that comes to hand.

Kryenne Swanson is the new team member, the new noob. She just graduated from one of the most prestigious military academy, and wants to make a name for herself in the mercenary world. She is an expert in modern technology and in the most advanced close combat techniques.


The mission

In this first comic, after a couple of months of leave, our heroes come back to action accepting what looks like a simple rescue mission.They shall have to retrieve a big fish, an important businessman whose ship crashed in Lexker II, a planet in ruins, almost uninhabited, devastated by a great war that happened years ago. They expect to find a couple of dangerous gangs of survivors, nothing very fancy, but instead they get an unexpected welcome of quite a big bunch of dangerous people willing to give their life so they do not fulfill their mission.



We know what a job well done entails and both the author and Spaceman Project are prepared. We love this medium and want to take it to another level where readers, authors, editors and booksellers are the protagonists. Therefore, we have taken small details into account and set a goal of raising an amount in keeping with what we offer. 

A maximum period of 15 months is anticipated for the development of this work.

How was Nothin’ Personal born (written by Andre!):

Like any other revolutionary event in history, Nothin’ Personal" was plotted in a bar. Josep and I wanted to do a comic together for a very big while, and after two years drawing balls with eyes for a video game company and realising I was losing the ability to draw limbs, that moment had finally arrived.  

We wanted to write a comic that we would truly enjoy reading ourselves, something that would never ever win a best graphic novel award, a book whose genre danced between action, science fiction and classic adventure; with that spirit of the 80’s that between gunshot and explosion had someone saying something witty.

We concentrated in creating a team that was charismatic and pathetic enough to be cool, and yet make you identify yourself with them.

We were thinking in Firefly, Star wars, Star Trek, Aliens, The Goonies, Predator, Commando, Buffy, Lord of the Rings... all of those classics we admire have something in common, a group of characters where each person had a favourite, and it didn’t have to be the same individual for everyone.

If the team works fluidly, you can create an infinity of stories around them, just by changing the background and the mission. Following a group is always more unexpected than following a one protagonist that you get to know well, and will always respond to trouble in a similar style.

That’s how the S.A.D. was born.

We made them mercenaries because it’s an interesting ambiguity. Who are the “good guys”? Who are the “bad guys”? Who wins a war? Are you “good” or “bad” if you are doing your job? In a more open future… Where do ethics go?

-I make a pause to remind you we had beer in our hands-

Besides from the fact we are science fiction lovers, we chose to give the comic a space environment for a very simple reason. ABSOLUTE FREEDOM. Think about it. If we wanted to do fantasy, we just send them on a mission to a pagan primitive planet. Time Travel? Not a problem. Robotic revolution or an alien invasion? We can. Victorian romance? I’m curious to see how we could pull that off with Reggie, Mayhem and the Noob walking around in a petticoat (by now you can feel there was a bit TOO MUCH beer).

Summarizing: with “Nothin’ Personal” we want to bring back the tone of those stories that we saw in the movies of the 80’s 90’s, where a group of diverse heroes faced all kind of menaces and dangers. An action packed story full of adventure and humor, cursing, laser shootings, explosions, and from time to time a kitten, so we can make plushies and get filthy rich.

We hope you enjoy reading this comic as much as we will enjoy making it.

May the force of Judge Dredd make you live long and prosper.

-- Andre



  • today
  • 20th September 2018

    NOTHIN' PERSONAL / Estado del proyecto #5

    by Spaceman Project


    Con gran alegría comunicamos que el nuevo cómic de Josep Busquet y Andre ya está en papel. A partir del próximo día 28 de septiembre empezaremos a preparar los envíos de los patrocinadores.

    Si quieres actualizar tu dirección de entrega estás a tiempo, puedes hacerlo en tu área de usuario entrando en la recompensa y siguiendo esta ruta:

    Ver los detalles de esta aportación / Dirección de envío / Editar

    El día 27 de septiembre cerraremos los archivos y se descargarán con las direcciones de envío que consten dentro la recompensa en ese momento (en tu área de usuario).

    Sí tienes alguna duda sobre tu envío, puedes escribir a

    ¡Esperamos que el resultado te guste tanto como a nosotros!


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  • 27th July 2018

    NOTHIN' PERSONAL / Estado del proyecto #4

    by Spaceman Project

    NOTHIN' PERSONAL, de Josep Busquet y Andre, ¡está preparado para entrar en imprenta!

    Con gran placer comunicamos que nuestro trabajo con el libro ha finalizado, en la foto puedes ver la versión con la qué hemos hecho la última revisión, en papel siempre es todo mejor. Los pdf finales están listos para entrar en máquinas.
    El día 1 de agosto enviaremos los documentos del cómic a la imprenta (es cuando tenemos la impresión reservada). El proceso de impresión dura entre 5 y 8 semanas, aproximadamente.
    El artbook se enviará a imprenta el día 5 de septiembre ya que Andre está todavía creando el contenido. 
    Una vez que recibamos todos los libros en nuestro almacén, empezaremos a realizar los envíos a los todos patrocinadores, el tiempo de entrega es de 7-15 días a España y 15-30 a destinos internacionales.
    Después de eso, los libros estarán disponibles en las tiendas a finales de 2018
    Agradecemos enormemente tu paciencia, apoyo y comprensión de los motivos de la autora para su demora en la entrega. Spaceman Project ha realizado las traducciones y diseño editorial en el menor tiempo posible, dos meses, para poder tener pronto Nothin' Personal en papel y hacerlo llegar a los patrocinadores después de Verano. 
    Si tienes que actualizar la información de entrega, puedes hacerlo en tu área de usuario entrando en la recompensa y siguiendo esta ruta:
    Ver los detalles de esta aportación / Dirección de envío / Editar
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  • 4th June 2018

    NOTHIN' PERSONAL / Estado del proyecto #3

    by Spaceman Project


    Andre ya ha dado por finales los archvios y los tenemos en la editorial. La previsión inicial era recibirlos el 26 de febrero pero la autora no ha podido cumplir el plazo mor motivos personales y se ha demorado más tiempo. Los retoques ajustes finales han merecido la pena.

    Para adelantar trabajo, el mes pasado enviamos los textos a corregir en Español y los hemos recibido ya listos para enviar a traducir. La previsión de los traductores es tenerlas acabadas para finales de este mes, en cuanto las tengamos empezaremos con el diseño gráfico.

    Si tienes que actualizar la información de entrega, puedes hacerlo en tu área de usuario entrando en la recompensa y siguiendo esta ruta:
    Ver los detalles de esta aportación / Dirección de envío / Editar


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  • 13th February 2018

    NOTHIN' PERSONAL / Estado del proyecto #2

    by Spaceman Project

    ¡NOTHIN' PERSONAL YA ESTÁ DIBUJADO! Andre ya ha completado todas las páginas del cómic. Tenemos previsto recibir los materiales finales el 26 de febrero, la autora quiere hacer un repaso a todo el trabajo para realizar los últimos ajustes. En el momento que tengamos los materiales finales, empezaremos con el trabajo editorial.

    Este proyecto ha sufrido un retraso en la parte de creación debido a motivos personales y de salud de la autora, por lo que tenemos que aplazar la fecha de lanzamiento a mayo-junio de 2018, aproximadamente.

    Lamentamos profundamente esta demora y deseamos que la espera te merezca la pena, el cómic es pura acción y brutalidad (lleno de explosiones y palabrotas).

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  • 24th October 2017

    NOTHIN' PERSONAL / Message from Andre

    by Andre

    "My dearest backers,
    Yes, Im alive! 
    No, Im not great. 
    Yes, the comic is going on and there is very few pages left!
    No, Im not sure when I'll finish, but it will be as soon as I can. 
    Due to a long sickness and a bucket of unexpected personal problems I'm late for the deadline. 
    Thank you so much for all the emails and messages asking about the comic and showing me your support. It has been awesome.
    I'm finishing the comic with all my love and I promise I'll deliver as soon as I can. 
    You guys are the best. 



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  • 23rd October 2017


    by Spaceman Project

    NOTHIN' PERSONAL has finalised 130 out of 160 pages.

    This project is suffering a delay in the creative part, so we need to postpone the release date to February/March 2018 approximately. 

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  • 2nd August 2017

    Andre has 30 pages left to finish NOTHIN' PERSONAL!

    She's working fast and furiously to wrap up the comic, under the crack of Josep's whip. You can pre order the comic here:

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  • 28th September 2016

    [Preview] NOTHIN' PERSONAL: First chapter

    by Josep Busquet & Andre

    Okay campers, rise and shine!

    After some arduous months overcoming the heart attack the success of the crowdfunding campaign gave us, getting over the terror I’ve felt for confronting my first big comic, doing 10.000 daily push ups to have a physical reference so I can draw arms that don’t look like sausages, and deciphering my own storyboards drawn with stick men… A promise is a promise! Here are the first 10 pages of Nothin’ Personal, the ones that are in color, to increase your hype and hopefully you forget the other 140 are in black and white.

    And as a second reward, I’m going to make a happy confession. No, won’t admit anything about my youth, when I was a hockey player and I saw everything that was going on in female changing rooms (you will have to live with that doubt), and I won’t tell you that on weekends from 7 to 10 I dress in spandex and I become the avenger “SUPER SISSY”, that goes around kicking in the shin people that say things like “what you HAVE to do IS…” and “I’m NOT a (fill adjective here) BUT…”.

    No, my confession is much simpler. There is nothing in life as satisfying as reading the script of the comic you have to draw and laughing out loud. Being able to see it in your mind, and being unable to wait to receive the next episode. Being surprised by it, even though there is a fluid interchange of ideas with your writer.

    Knowing that you are drawing a comic you would truly like to read. I believe that, right now, as an artist, I can’t ask for more. I hope that when you receive this comic in your mailboxes next year, you enjoy it as much as I do, and it makes muscles grow in your brain.

    Love, Andre.

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  • 16th June 2016

    NOTHIN' PERSONAL: Dos meses después.

    by por Josep Busquet y Andre

    Los autores, Josep y Andre, están a pleno rendimiento con su cómic. En este video el guionista hace una breve pausa para recordar que los productos de NOTHIN' PERSONAL se pueden comprar en pre-order. Josep hace un repaso interactivo y personal por todos ellos.

    ¡No te lo pierdas!

  • 23rd March 2016

    NOTHIN' PERSONAL: Process of the cover "Noob: the secret file"

    Andre: "In this video I show you the CHAOS of my working process, where you can clearly see most of the time I don't know what the fuck I'm doing."

  • 23rd March 2016

    NOTHIN' PERSONAL FAN ART CONTEST: And the winners are...

    1- Pedro J. Colombo & Aintzane Landa
    Signed NOTHIN' PERSONAL Spaceman Exclusive Edition HC

    2- Javi de Castro
    SignedNOTHIN' PERSONAL Special Edition HC

    3- Aitor Prieto
    Pack 3 (Comic SC + Making of + Postcards) signed

    4- Alberto Hdez Rivero

    Thank you to all the participants for being part of the contest. Congratulations to all the winners!

    Discover the art of all of the participants here.

  • 22nd March 2016

    The deadline for Nothin' Personal's fan-art is now closed!

    Thank you to all artists that have dedicated  their time and love to create a fan art of Nothin' Personal, now it's our turn to choose. Tomorrow we will announce the 4 contest winners.  We'll keep you posted!

    Remember, it's very important to share the link! There is 4 days left for this comic to become a reality. 

  • 18th March 2016


    ¿Os acordáis de todo lo que las masas querían saber y preguntaron sobre Nothin' Personal? Bien, aquí están Andre y Josep respondiendo a todas las preguntas, 100% real y verídico.

  • 14th March 2016

    We reveal the next present for the Backers of Nothin' Personal!

    Baking comics in Spaceman Project has a prize!

    We have prepared the second Backer's Bonus for all the supporters of Josep Busquet and Andre's Nothin' Personal: a short story about THE NOOB, one of the characters of your future favourite mercenary group! 

    "Even though he is the eldest member of the S.A.D. the Noob was the last one to join. We already know he is tougher than a bottle cap sandwich, and more metal than an axe storm... But, how was it?, where?, and, what was he thinking when he accepted the most miserable job of the group?".

    Andre & Josep Busquet

    8 page A5 booklet.

    NOTE: This short story will only be available in paper for the backers during the campaign. After that time it will only be available in PDF.


  • 10th March 2016

    Join NOTHIN' PERSONAL'S Fan Art Contest!

    To celebrate the good reception of NOTHIN' PERSONAL and share our excitement, we are creating a contest. We are in the middle of the campaign and the final stages of the collection, getting closer to our objective. Are you joining?

    How does the contest work? 

    To participate in the contest, first, you need to register on our website. We need your data to be able to contact you and send you your prize if you are one of the winners. 


    First Prize: Signed NOTHIN' PERSONAL Spaceman Exclusive Edition HC 

    Second Prize: SignedNOTHIN' PERSONAL Special Edition HC 

    Third Prize: NOTHIN' PERSONAL Pack 3 (Comic SC + Making of + Postcards) signed

    Fourth Prize: SignedNOTHIN' PERSONAL Comic SC


    1. Draw a fan art ofNothin' Personal in an international paper format (A5 or A4).
    2. Publish it on Facebook or twitter (with the hashtag #nothinpersonalfanart) and including the link to Nothin' Personal's project (
    3. Send us the fan art via e-mail ( to be able to value it in the quality it deserves.

    Deadline for the contest

    The contest will take place from the 10th of March to the 22th of March at 12:00 (CET).

    The winners will be announced on the 23th of March.

    The winners will be chosen by Andre, Josep Busquet and the Spaceman team. The technique of the fan art and its narrative value will be taken into account.

    Remember, this prizes will only be given if the project goes forward. It's very important to count on your support and to spread the word.

    Note: In case a participant wins the contest and already had acquired the reward beforehand, it will be substituted by one of the same value.

  • 8th March 2016

    NOTHIN' PERSONAL: Swanson´s nanobot suit

    To demonstrate we think A LOT to design any little shit, and we don't make things because they are pretty or entertaining, I leave you here a couple of pages of the technical design for the new-noob Swanson.

    Nanobots change color and brightness following Swanson's brainwaves. She can control how much body surface is covered, the design of the pattern, or the tightness and density of the nanobot grid, thanks to the chips connected to her brain. 

    The Nanobot suit regulates the body temperature and recycles any body secretion to get water and energy: sweat, urine, and, yes, feces. 
    It can reflect the background to create optical camouflage, and it can also regroup nanobots to make certain areas more dense and compact to protect the body from bullets , falls, or high speed impact... if the brain reacts on time.

    Nanobots can fix themselves in the storage area (the boots). The energy obtained from recycling the body's secretions is also stored there, and keeps the nanobots functioning.
    Nanobots don't only work superficially, they also enter the body for the recycling process, to build temporary tissue when wounded, or to regulate the internal organs during crio-sleep.  
    Nanobots are emotionally attached to their owner, if the nervous system dies, they will let themselves die too.

    Other than the cerebral chips that control the suit, Swanson possesses two cyborg retinas, the right one for enhanced daylight vision, and the left for enhanced night vision. Sadly, using both at the same time is SHIT.
    But nothing a good-old eyepatch can't solve. 
  • 3rd March 2016

    Writers in Action! The tough creation process for Nothin' Personal

    On Monday Andre explained the process of creation of a page of Nothin' Personal, today, Josep Busquet shows you how to script a page. All the universal secrets of writing! Indispensable for those who want to discover and learn the hidden art of writing a good script! 

  • 1st March 2016

    Page creation process for Nothin' Personal

    We leave you a gif with the creation process of the second page of Nothin' Personal. 

    "The storyboard is the only analogue step in the process, as I work line and color digitally. 
    Scanning is the thing I hate more in life, just after washing the dishes.
    Gods save the Cintiq."


  • 29th February 2016

    Exclusive present for the backers of Nothin' Personal

    Baking comics in Spaceman Project has a prize!

    We are rewarding all of the backers of Josep Busquet and Andre's project with an exclusive print of characters of Nothin' Personal. 
    The print is a one side color plate, 14,8 x 21 cm.

    The 14th of March we will reveal another of the presents that will only be available for the backers of Nothin' Personal in Spaceman Project. 
  • 25th February 2016

    Send your questions to the creators of Nothin' Personal, Andre and Josep Busquet

    Would you like to bombard Josep Busquet and Andre with questions? They would!

    Do you want to know something about their new comic project? What is their favourite movie? If they prefer their tortilla with or without onions? What is Busquet's secret for a perfect beard? And Andre's?

    Starting today until Tuesday 1st of March we will compile your questions, so the authors can shoot a video answering to the best of them. 

    How? Easy peasy!:

    • Ask through Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #asknothinpersonal and your question.
    • Post your question in the comment area of this post.
    • Post your question on our Facebook page.

    Bring it on!

  • 15th February 2016

    Project launch


Andrea Torrejón prefers to use her artistic name Andre! because she considers her surname an unpronounceable hell for anyone that doesn't speak Spanish. And even though she loves to see people suffering while trying to say it their way, she likes to have a nickname instead of being called Tóggellon. That way everyone is happy.

The exclamation mark is there because they say she speaks very loudly. It's possible that last remark is true.

Character designer for animation and video games (that's what gives her CASH in life), comics artist (that's what gives her LOVE in life), and Illustrator (that gives her more than one headache); she has worked and published for diverse companies including Rovio (Angry Birds), Boom Studios, Ominiki, SM, Spaceman, Nikodemo Estudios, Exient, Futureplay, Mediapro...

She also has a weekly (or almost weekly) webcomic called IN THE MIDDLE OF SNOWHERE ( ) in which she talks about her life with a humorous tone.

She was born and raised in Madrid, reading comics, climbing trees, watching "Dexter's lab" and "The Adventures of Brisco Country Jr.", catching frogs to let them go again, and drawing on sheets of paper folded in half (who wants a notebook when you can magically turn one sheet into four!)

After an adolescence full of science, theatre and in-line hockey, she decided to study artsy stuff, and spend her life confined at home without moving her ass and talking to the cats.

She studied graphic design and engraving, where she got interested in illustration. So afterwards she studied illustration in the Escuela de Arte numero 10 and she was smitten with the magic of animation. So she moved to Barcelona to study a master in 2D animation, and concluded that animating was a fucking bore, but fell hard for the world of designing characters in an obsessive manner.

She says she wants to study mechanics next, because she suffers greatly while designing robots without understanding why they move.

Her favourite things in the whole wide world are: Predator, Victorian literature and series, chocolate, empty notebooks, punk, sarcasm, the pre-raphaelite brotherhood, movies with explosions, complaining about the cinema and animation world nowadays, RPGs, superheroes, animals (she suffers from Snow White syndrome), crying for everything, talking about herself in third person, and being an idiot.

Her least favourite things in the whole wide world are: Alien vs Predator II, the novels that read "INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLER" on the cover, the smell of cauliflower being cooked, blanc paper phobia, reggaeton, people that get offended by everything, conceptual art, afternoon TV movies titled "SLEEPING WITH HER DOOM" or similar, cinema and animation industry nowadays, shooters (she doesn't know how to shooter), tics, crying for everything, talking about herself, and idiots (the dangerous ones).

Follow her work in or

Josep Busquet

Script writer and artist. Before joining the Joso school of comics (where he would spend 5 years) he started doing Fanzines in 1991, where he made comics, and wrote articles and interviews. After leaving finishing Joso, he published his first comic as a writer, Manticore, with Camaleón Ediciones in 1996. Later he would be published by several houses like Glénat, Planeta-DeAgostini, Dolmen or Norma Editorial. He has also published in magazines like Amaniaco, La Comictiva, Vade Retro, Juegos & Cia, Slumberland, Cinemanía, El Pequeño País, El Jueves, El Clímaco, Dos Veces Breve, Mister K, Penthouse Comix or Tretzevents.

In the International Barcelona comic convention 2009 (Saló del cómic de Barcelona) the public awarded him with the best script prize for “La Revolución de los Pinceles”, published in 2008 by Dolmen editorial.

In 2011 he made his début in the french market with the first part of the adaptation of Stevenson´s “The Strange case of Doctor Jekyll y Mr Hyde” with Delcourt and the first album of the serie “Khaz” in Styx Editions.

Not only a comic book writer, he has also published a book about Jim Henson’s life, “ La Diferencia entre arriba y abajo” (“The Difference between Up and Down”)  with Camaleón ediciones, a book about TV series “ En Capítulos Anteriores” (“Previously in”)  hand in hand with David García Vivancos, and the children’s books serie “La loca historia de la humanidad” (“ The Crazy History of Humanity”) with Àlex López, published in two volumes, “La Prehistoria” (“The Prehistory”)  and “La Antigua Roma” (“Ancient Rome”).

He has also done “nutritious” jobs for advertising and animation, from gags for a Russian chewing gum company to graphic novels for hire.

From an editorial point of view, he worked as a coordinator, editor and translator in Ediciones El Jueves for the magazines Penthouse, Penthouse Comix, Estudiad Malditos and El Jueves Campus. He has also formed part of the editorial board of magazines like Amaniaco and El Clímaco.

He also shoots videos of himself playing the fool, his webserie “Guionista” (“Writer”) is living proof of it.

Published works

  • Manticore (Camaleón Ediciones, 1996) Dibujo: Ramón F. Bachs
  • Manticore: Underworld Attacks (Camaleón Ediciones, 1997) Dibujo:Ramón F. Bachs
  • The Lobeznos Japan Tour (Glénat España, 1997) Dibujo:Elías Sánchez
  • Manticore: Rashushkhan 1,2 I 3 (Camaleón Ediciones, 1998) Dibujo:Ramón F. Bachs
  • Saturn Babe (Planeta Deagostini, 1998- Amaniaco Ediciones 2006) Dibujo: Ramón F. Bachs
  • Fedor Stratocuster & Hallelujah Jones (Camaleón Ediciones, 1998) Dibujo:Albert Xiquès
  • Mektan (Camaleón Ediciones, 1998) Dibujo: Josep Busquet I Més Autors.
  • Fanhunter: Goldenpussy (Planeta Deagostini, 1999) Dibujo:Ramón F. Bachs
  • Todos Para Uno (Amaniaco, 1999) Dibujo:Josep Busquet Y Más Autores.
  • Historia De Piera (Ajuntament De Piera, 2003) Dibujo: Jordi Sempere I Albert Xiquès
  • La Revolución De Los Pinceles (Dolmen Editorial, 2008) Dibujo: Pere Mejan
  • Li: La Sonrisa Del Mono (Planeta Deagostini, 2009) Dibujo:Pol
  • Polo Letal (Serie B Cómics, 2009) Dibujo: Ivan Sarnago
  • Arquitectura Para Principiantes (Dolmen Editorial, 2010) Dibujo:Xöul
  • Yes We Camp! (Álbum Colectivo, Dibbuks, 2010) Historia Corta De 8 Páginas Dibujada Por Mi.
  • El Jirón Negro (Dolmen Editorial, 2012) Dibujo: Pere Mejan
  • Puntos De Experiencia (Dibbuks, 2012) Dibujo: Pere Mejan
  • Bacon & Friends: Las Aventuras De Un Bulldog Francés. Tomo 1: Perreando (Diábolo Ediciones, 2012) Dibujo: Ximo Abadía.
  • Adaptación (Edicions De Ponent, 2013) Dibujo: Tomeu Pinya
  • Consejo Real: Paz E Impuestos (Dibbuks, 2013) Dibujo: Roc Espinet
  • Independencia? (Diábolo Ediciones, 2014) Dibujo: José Ángel Ares.
  • Bitcoin. La Caza De Satoshi Nakamoto (Dibbuks, 2014) Co Escrito Junto A Alex Preukschat. Dibujo: José Ángel Ares.
  • Fargons & Gorgons (Amaniaco, 2014) Dibujo: Pere Mejan Y Varios Autores Invitados.
  • La Última Aventura (Dibbuks, 2015) Dibujo: Javi De Castro.
  • Bienvenidos A Krpkruett (Dibbuks, 2015) Dibujo: Jorfe
  • Visiones Del Fin (Álbum Colectivo, Aleta Ediciones, 2015), 4 Historias Cortas, Una Dibujada Por Mí.
  • En Segundo Plano (Diábolo Ediciones, 2015) Dibujo: Pedro J. Colombo. Color: Aintzane Landa.
  • Proks (Amaniaco, 2015) Dibujo: Yayu


In French

  • Khaz (Styx Editions, 2011) Dibujo: Pedro J. Colombo
  • L´Etrange Cas Du Dr. Jekyll Et De Mr. Hyde Tome 1 (Delcourt, 2011) Dibujo: Pere Mejan
  • L´Etrange Cas Du Dr. Jekyll Et De Mr. Hyde Tome 2 (Delcourt, 2012) Dibujo: Pere Mejan
  • La Revolution Des Pinceaux (Diábolo Editions, 2014)
  • Au Second Plan (Diábolo Editions, 2015)

In Italian

  • Il Sorriso Della Scimmia (Planeta Deagostini, 2009) Dibujo:Pol
  • Indignados! Suggerimenti Per Una Ri(E)Voluzione (Colectivo, 001 Edizioni, 2012) Historia Corta Dibujada Por Mi.

In English

  • Bacon & Friends (Diábolo Ediciones/Kettledrummer, 2012)
  • Bitcoin. The Hunt For Satoshi Nakamoto (Dibbuks, 2015)


  • La Diferencia Entre Arriba Y Abajo (Camaleón Ediciones, 1998)
  • L´Espassa D´En Soler De Villardell (Ajuntament De Sant Celoni, 2011)
  • La Loca Historia De La Humanidad. La Prehistoria (Montena, 2014) Dibujo: Àlexlópez.
  • La Loca Historia De La Humanidad. La Antigua Roma ((Montena, 2014) Dibujo: Àlexlópez.
  • En Capítulos Anteriores… (Diábolo Ediciones, 2014) Ilustraciones: David García Vivancos.
  • Krpkruett (Dibbuks, 2014) Ilustraciones: Jorfe

Magazines and short stories

Amaniaco, Vade Retro, Penthouse Comix, Eros, La Comictiva, Dos Veces Breve, Mister K, Esquitx, Tretzevents, The Force, Juegos & C.I.A, Extra Cimoc 2000, El Pequeño País, El Triangle, El Clímaco, Fiz, Cinemanía, 451 º, Slumberland, Thermozero, Slumberland, Malavida, El Balanzin.

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