By Pasqual Ferry

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Spanish, English, French and Italian.

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ALICE is a story to have fun with, not only as a reading but also as a watching experience. It’s comic book packed with adventures and mysteries, plot twists, monsters, exotic jungles, as well as parallel universes, quantum physics, robots and love. Yes, love, because it moves everything around, including in this story (and probably in all stories). The comic book tells the story of the Cole Family, broken apart by a mysterious accident, who strive and fight to stick together again against all odds. It isn’t meant to update or reboot Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, even though it features characters and settings from the original tale. Why? Because that’s how Alice’s mother, Anna, communicates with her daughter. She tells her stories using fictional characters from books: the March Hare, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, and the Cheshire Cat above all else, who is deeply related to the subconscious of Alice.


PASQUAL FERRY / Sketchbook

48 pages in B/W.
17x24 cm / 61116in - 92964in

39 contributions

ALICE / Comic Hardcover

200 pages, color.
29x19 cm / 112764in - 73164in
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Available languages: English, Spanish, French and Italian

Spanish, English, French and Italian

339 contributions


-Comic Hardcover

* Option designed to include several individual rewards in one parcel to economise delivery costs.
** Language option only will apply for Comic Hardcover. Sketchbook (doodles) is exclusive artistic work with no text on them.


Spanish, English, French and Italian

84 contributions

About the project

Hi, my name is Pasqual Ferry.

Maybe some of you know me already. Those who don’t, look me up, I’m easy to find.

I want to tell you about “Alice”. My Alice.

For many years I used work on MY OWN stories and I never managed to finished them. My work in the US absorbed most of my time, ALL of my time, really. Now, after a break in my american production, I’ve finally decided to finish one of those stories. TO ACTUALLY FINISH IT. FIN, KONIEK, ENDE.

Out of the big pile of those unfinished tales “Alice” is the one that amuses me the most, the one I want to draw and write more eagerly today.

It’s a story to enjoy, not only to read, but to watch… it’s a comic packed with adventure, mystery, plot twists, monsters and exotic jungles, filled with parallel worlds, quantum physics, robots… and love. Yes, love. Because after all, love moves everything, also in this story (in every story, really).

Alice is a tale about a family torn apart by a mysterious accident, and how, even AGAINST ALL ODDS, they fight to get back together.

It doesn't intend to become a new version or reboot of Lewis Carrol’s ALICE, but nevertheless it includes some of its characters and settings. Why? Because that’s the way Alice’s mother, Anna, communicates with her. She tells her stories starring characters from the books: the March Hare, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, and specially the Cheshire Cat, deeply related to the subconscious of the Alice of my story.

They all appear in Alice’s dreams, not in reality. It all sounds kind of weird, doesn’t it?

So, this is it. I’m back to enjoying not just the drawing part, as that’s something I’ve done while drawing superheroes all this years, but also the overwhelming pleasure of creating a story and being witness of its birth.

What can I say. At this stage of my life and my career, this feels like such a gift. A priceless, unique moment.

I hope you enjoy the result of this work as much as I am enjoying the adventure of making it happen.




We know what a job well done entails and both the author and Spaceman Project are prepared. We love this medium and want to take it to another level where readers, authors, editors and booksellers are the protagonists. Therefore, we have taken small details into account and set a goal of raising an amount in keeping with what we offer. 

A maximum period of 15 months (after the campaign ended) is anticipated for the development of this work.

Finally, but no less important, all the illustrations presented in this campaign are provisional and are subject to modifications once the goal is reached and the work begins to be created. This will mainly only affect cover images, never the story and format of the work and the type of reward offered. Naturally, we are presenting a live project to be developed. Creativity has no limits and we are convinced that we should not stop improving, which is why we have a commitment to quality with our readers.